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Through their ongoing collaboration, “Exquisite Variants”, Maggie Nowinski and Alicia Renadette seamlessly blend, morph, and layer imagery from their respective practices of drawing and sculpture. The result is a series of novel biomorphic forms that reflect their shared fascination with the physical expressions of resilience observed in the plant and animal kingdoms.

Maggie painstakingly crafts intricate drawings and prints that depict writhing masses of muscle tissue and skeletal fragments in competition and convergence with wriggling tendrils and sprouting leaves. On the other hand, Alicia assembles abstract entangled sculptures using consumer detritus and orphaned domestic objects, creating compositions reminiscent of tangled nests and miniature ecosystems in flux.

The collaborative process between the two artists is akin to a visual feedback loop or petri dish. In this dynamic exchange, each artist contributes images and objects from their individual bodies of work, which are then reproduced and re-contextualized by the other. Drawings and sculptures inspired by each other's creations are photographed and added to a shared digital folder. This folder becomes a repository of material that is printed and hand-manipulated into collage elements. The artists continue to iterate, creating new composite imagery and documenting the process, resulting in a collection of mutated and replicated forms.

These collaborative pieces are passed back and forth multiple times, allowing Maggie and Alicia to commune with and contribute to the growth of each other’s artistic forms. The outcome is a series of captivating collage compositions and free-form immersive installations that encapsulate the essence of "Exquisite Variants".