Alicia Renadette

Drawing upon the overheated aesthetics of handmade fantasy movie sets, holiday retail displays, and really fancy cakes, my work entices viewers into a hothouse universe that re-examines our relationship with an excessively materialistic world and the traumas it inscribes on bodies and minds.

The common objects and materials meant to bring joy, comfort, consolation, or hygienic order into our lives serve as the raw materials for my sculptural process. Out-of-season decorations, orphaned toys, worn-out sweaters, moth-balled blankets, and faded artificial flower arrangements are scavenged from curb-side free piles, thrift stores, and bargain bins and re-incorporated into conglomerate forms ensnared by an overgrowth of wild tendrils. These unruly, organic arrangements of familiar yet disparate materials mirror the complex relationships we have with family, lovers, or perhaps simply our own internal systems of control. By combining an embrace of the grotesque with touches of light-hearted irony, the work articulates a strategy of resilience and humor in the face of internalized societal dysfunction.