• Exquisite Variants- collaboration with Maggie Nowinski

    Exquisite Variants- collaboration with Maggie Nowinski

    May 30th - July 1st, 2022.
    Closing Reception: Friday, July 1 6:00pm - 7:30pm

    Vermont Studio Center
    Red Mill Gallery, 80 Pearl St Johnson, VT


    %This collaboration envisions tension and harmony between natural and manufactured environments; interior and exterior worlds; authorship and interpretation of images; and representation on two and three dimensional planes.

    Within her practice of drawing and printmaking, Maggie Nowinski laboriously renders animal/botanical hybrid specimens created through observation, memory and improvisation. Alicia Renadette, meanwhile, scavenges for consumer detritus and orphaned domestic items to compose sculptures which often mimic ecosystems in states of flux.

    Recognizing such thematic confluences as biological adaptation and resilience within their separate bodies of work, the two began what is now an on-going collaboration in which their divergent approaches offer one another a new realm of language and imagery. The process is a visual feedback loop in which both artists contribute images and objects from their own work as both source material and inspiration to be reinterpreted, reproduced and re-contextualized. For example, a three-dimensional object, by Renadette, is used as a study for a drawing, by Nowinski, which is in turn photographed, printed out and drawn on top of, by Renadette, which is then incorporated into a collage element after being layered onto the original drawing by Nowinski, and so on.

    Since COVID-19, the artists have mostly worked on elements separately- uploading images to a shared drive. During this time, it is significant that from across state borders, they were able to build a world in which they can momentarily lose themselves and find each other.%

  • RISCA Fellowship

    RISCA Fellowship

    I'm honored to have received the Spring 2022 Fellowship in Three-Dimensional Art from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

  • Weave, Bundle, Cut, and Layer: Artists with Material Instincts

    Weave, Bundle, Cut, and Layer: Artists with Material Instincts

    Root Division, San Francisco
    Nov 05 - Nov 30 2021

    My piece, Limited Time Special Offer has travelled to SF to be in the honored company of the work of 21 other fantastically innovative artists

  • Spacing Out - Jamestown Arts Center

    Spacing Out - Jamestown Arts Center

    I'll have 3 pieces, including an installation of "Hurtling" on view from July 2- August 12, 2021.
    Opening reception is July 2 from 6-8pm with a Curator's Tour July 10 at 5pm.

  • Energy Constellations

    Energy Constellations

    "Energy Constellations" a Solo Show at Hamden Gallery, UMass Amherst runs March 1- May 14, 2021 with an artist's talk on March 12.


  • Newport Annual 2020

    My piece, Generation, will be featured in the Newport Annual 2020 at the Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI


    The show runs January 26-April 26, 2020 with an opening reception Feb 7th from 5-7pm.

  • Floralism


    "Floralism" , a 3 person show at Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport RI reviewed by Alex Castro.

  • Compound Interests

    Compound Interests

    solo exhibition - Reading Room at AS220
    October 5-October 26, 2019

    featuring a banner and a quilt made from hand-cut money

    93 Mathewson St
    Providence, RI


  • Exquisite Bodies

    Exquisite Bodies

    Exquisite Bodies
    featuring a collaboration with Maggie Nowinski

    Machines with Magnets
    October 11-November 11, 2019

    opening reception: October 24, 2019 7-10pm

    400 Main St, Pawtucket, RI
    Machines with Magnets

  • Gravity: The Weight of Now

    Gravity: The Weight of Now

    A group exhibition of contemporary art at the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, MA.

    May 4th through May 26th, 2019.
    Opening Reception: May 4th, 5-8pm
    Closing Reception: May 26th, 1-4pm

    "We live in a time of darkness and disruption, with political controversies and social upheaval around every corner. Gravity, at the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester, MA from May 4th through 26th, reveals how life in 21st Century America is distilled through the diverse viewpoints of 13 cutting-edge contemporary artists. The work on view includes installation, sculpture, painting, photography, digital processes, performance, and mixed-media. The artists, including immigrants from Colombia, Cuba, and Germany, create serious, playful, challenging, and genre- defying art that is sure to generate a reaction."

    Artists: Angela Ales (Lowell), Barbara Andrus (Lowell), Gloom Cake: Jennifer Vinegar Avery and James Allen Swainbank (Winsted, CT.), Markus Haala (Lowell), Garry Harley (Lowell), Jon Hen (Lawrence), Kishor Haulenbeek (Lowell), Roneld Lores (Lowell), Francisco Mendez-Diez (Lowell), Alicia Renadette (Providence, RI.), Emily Sandagata (Lowell), Robb Sandagata (Lowell)
    Curated by Robb Sandagata

    The Sprinkler Factory is located at 38 Harlow St, Worcester, Massachusetts, 01605.

    for more information, please visit the Sprinkler Factory website:

  • Cut & Paste: Contemporary Collage

    Cut & Paste: Contemporary Collage

    My collage "Everything All at Once" is featured in the Cut & Paste exhibit at the Jamestown Art Center in Jamestown , RI. On view March 14, 2019- April 20, 2019.
    Cut & Paste