Sculpture & Installation 2011-2012 > Legacy Strike

This display case was designed in response to a cast iron bear trap on display at the museum. I have animated my deceased grandmother's fur-collared coat to be hanging from or climbing up a line of tied-together baby dresses (once belonging to my mother and her older sisters). The dresses emerge from a hollowed form which is vaguely hornets' nest in shape and scale. The nest is "nestled" in the middle of a frilly bouffant made of old ruffled window shears. The inside of the nest is charred and empty.

The gloved hands that grasp the dress ladder are clumsily stuffed- the right glove is missing its thumb. This is an ode to many a digit-less mannequin to be observed in many a small town storefront window.

The case is bordered with fabric cut-outs similar to those on "Repeat".

Legacy Strike : Bear Trap (the metaphor!)
Legacy Strike : Bear Trap (the metaphor!)