Sculpture & Installation 2011-2012 > Assume the Position (DIscretion is a Holy Virtue)

This view is from the rear of the dining room.
To the left is a figure reminiscent of a scarecrow or effigy clad in a servant's uniform. "She" is posted on a pole covered in absorbent disposable dishcloths and is spewing forth synthetic flower petals from her collar (also a reference to cartoon-ized gore and our collective de-sensitivity to violent imagery).
Creeping along the baseboards is a formation of yellow dishwashing gloves which are lined with red, purple and burgundy velveteen and accented with a ruffle that coordinates both with the rug and the maid's apron.

photo credit: Anna Rotty

This photo appears courtesy of Wistariahurst Museum.

Assume the Position (DIscretion as a Holy Virtue)
Assume the Position (DIscretion as a Holy Virtue)
mixed media installation